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150 Concurrent Calls for 149$ (Cloud server)
300 concurrent calls for 249$ (Cloud server)

450 concurrent calls for 349$ (Cloud server)

150 Concurrent Calls for 199$ (Dedicated server)
300 concurrent calls for 299$ (Dedicated server)
450 concurrent calls for 449$ (Dedicated server)

Version Details and Additional Modules
**VoipSwitch Version
**VUP (HMTL5 user-portal) 3.5.11
**VSM (VoipSwitch Manager) Version 2.1.141
**VSM3 (HTML5 web admin interface) Version 3.2.1
**VSR (VoipSwitch Reseller) Version 3.2.1
**VOIPBOX Version 3.0.353
**Calling cards module

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