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    How to prevent Google Adsense from Click Fraud?

    Hi folks,

    I have a Google Adsense account but I am afraid of getting Click Fraud on adsense ads. Is there a way to prevent google adsense from Click Fraud or detect them to avoid invalid clicks which can make my Google adsense banned? can any one share any tips?

    Thanks in advance.

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    To prevent click frauding you have to monitor your traffic sources. You may link your adsense account to Google Analytics to easily track the source of traffic and can also check the clicks coming to your site. If you find anything unusual than report it to Google. If someone deliberately trying to click on your ads, Google will identify them because they have very advance method to track clicks and impression.

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    If you use adsense on your site, make sure you are using another form of monitization also. Adsense is not something you want to rely on as your only source of income. Google bans adsense accounts left and right. No easy way to prevent your competitors from coming in and clicking all your adsense ads multiple times and at a rapid rate through proxies.


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