Beware beware of two person Raj kamble(9821080573/9867618925) and Monish Rajput 8080151284 /7738545934). They did not pay money to other agency.
1. Raj kamble who is owner of white orbit brand sollution is a Chaeter , 420. His mobile number is 9821080573 /9867618925 /02228505577.
2. Monish Rajput 8080151284 / 7738545934) who is also owner of adxpress tricycle advertising-kalyan-mumbai . His email id is , Adxpress Tricycle Advertising, Kalyan City, Mumbai

We have worked for them as Tricycle advertiisng . They contacted me before one month of diwali for tricycle activities. I Told them , I am bussy in other activities . I can not do this. But They requested me to do this Tricycle Campaign.
Then they give me PO of rupees 4 Lack for work . and Give me 49000 Rs in advance. Balance they have To pay me as weekly . But they did not pay me. When i ask for payment they always told me . dont worry , you will get money . I worked for them at Aggra, lucknow , Varanasi and allahabad.
I always pay to My vendor at daily basis.we have Made group for all four city for them . all my vendor also involved in group.But they did not pay me till 20 days.They Told me to stop I informed all cities mamber to stop. Butafter That They directed contacted them and again staatrted activities without informing me. I have paid near about 2 Lach for all four vendor. But when I asked them for my Money . They refused. So what i do . How can i get my Orginal money that i have Paid for his tricycle activities.

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