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    How to test your web hosting

    There are thousands of web hosting providers in the UK. Before you choose the one that will fit your needs the best, you can read our article on factors to consider before buying a web hosting and use these free tools to evaluate their metrics. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you need to test something about your hosting service or you are comparing hosting providers. Here are the tools we use in our top 10 reviews:

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    Here are 6 ‘S’s of choosing the right web hosting services provider for your business.

    Speed: Web loading speed should be very fast mainly because online users do not like waiting and they will switch to some other page if your page fails to load quickly. So make sure you are subscribed to networks that offer high-availability and better load speed. Global presence of data centers, latest hardware and infrastructure, CDN services, etc. are few qualities to look for in a web host to ensure website speed.

    Service Level Agreement: A web host may promise you hundreds of things but trust the only one which have these promises clearly defined in their Service Level Agreement.

    Support: Look for web host that offer best tech-support staff that are available round the clock so as to troubleshoot any issue any time to ensure constant availability of your website.

    Specialty: One-size-fits-all does not work for web hosting services. Different types of businesses need different hosting services and different web hosts.Ensure that the web hosting provider is offering services specific to your needs.

    Stability: Opt for the web host providers who have sound industry experience and reputed clientele base, as these are essential signs of reliability and stability.

    Security: Physical security Data Centers, Firewall security, and even PCI compliance (especially for ecommerce websites) are all crucial security aspects to consider when seeking for the right hosting provider for your business.


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