WebSite customization Panel to Customize your website to upload Header Logo, Login Logo, Billing Logo, Homepage Image, add advertising for Resellers and End Users.
E-Mail Alert Configuration Panel to send email on CPU, Memory, Disk Usage, ASR, ACD, PDD Alerts, Unusual Traffic, Unusunal Recharge, Expensive Route, Low Balance Alert, Termination Gateway Down Alert etc
With Built In Firewall that has separate Admin port and firewall along,
Fail2BAN AntiHackTool at Admin/User Login level.
SIP Port 5060 Dialer Scan Attack Blocking.
New Customer Signup URL.
Core4Billing URL.
Mobile Billing iphone and Andriod APP.
DID module.
Callshop Module.
Daily Backup Service.
24/7 Support and Monitoring etc.
8 Core 8GB Cloud ITelSwitch 150 CC - $79
16 Core 16GB Cloud ITelSwitch 300 CC - $139
24 Core 24GB Cloud ITelSwitch 450 CC - $189

8 Core 8GB Dedicated ITelSwitch 300 CC - $119
24 Core 8GB Dedicated ITelSwitch 600 CC - $199
24 Core 8GB SSD Dedicated ITelSwitch 900 CC - $279

All ITel Dialers comes with Dedicated Bytesaver Server with 40 Rotating IP for AntiBlock.

50 CR itel dialer - $89/M.
300 CR itel dialer - $129/M. With our itelswitch it is $99/M
600 CR itel dialer - $198/M. With our itelswitch it is $168/M
900 CR itel dialer - $267/M. With our itelswitch it is $237/M

24/7 Round the Clock Premium application support and configuration support for above preinstalled Servers is also available starting at just $49/month Visit and chat to our specialists to learn more!