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    Hey there guys, hope you are all doing good and that your earnings are great.
    Our Team at Mgcash Media have made again some superb changes that not a single network have.

    Have you ever wanted to put price of some offer as high as you wanted them to be? Well if you did, you can do that with us!!! We enabled option for users who use our BitCoin locker to put price of the lead as far as up to 10$ so you can earn even more with Tier 1 country’s that use BitCoin as payment.

    So far we are still the only network that have this tool of all CPA Networks.
    We are also adding daily more and more offers to boost your EPC and CR.

    Some of the new offers that we added:

    If you need faster approval or want to join us, you can always contact me here or via skype or email.

    My skype is: nem.mgcash
    My email is:

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    Hey guys, we have another big announcement to make for all of you.
    We implemented another great thing with our content locker to boost your CR.

    We added new Content Locker: “Captcha” and integrated with that our BitCoin Locker too.
    Here is the example how it looks like:

    As you all know, Captcha is very common now on every site, so users will be familiar with this and will do that quickly as they already see captcha everywhere.

    This new locker is easy to set up and you can put it almost everywhere you want.

    If you have any questions or suggestions you can always contact me here or on my Skype or Email.

    My Skype is: nem.mgcash
    My Email is:

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